Weed Identification Services


April, 2014: Flora ID Northwest has released 28 XID Android Apps. The apps include 85-95% of the flowering, non-grasslike plants that are native or naturalized in 18 states and 4 Canadian provinces.  See them at:  XID Android Apps. These apps contain approximately 35% of the total plant species in N. America.  The apps are based on larger XID databases of all vascular plants in those states and provinces, which comprise approximately 65% of all species in N. America. These larger databases are also available from Flora ID Northwest in a Windows PC version.

March, 2014:   The Weed Identification databases are now available on flash-drives rather than DVD.  This has allowed us to correct errors and add species in real time, as well as accommodate the large number of new devices that do not have disk drives.

January, 2012:  After much anticipation, the 1,000 Broadleaf Weeds of North America for Android has been released!

For details, or to purchase, please visit this link: Android app


1,200 Weeds of the 48 States and Adjacent Canada on DVD (or even more species on flash drive).

This is the follow-up to the highly successful 1,000 Weeds of North America CD. As well as the additional  species, it also contains many new images and a new graphical user interface which allows you to click on the image of the attribute that you are selecting. Interactive Identification Screen Shot. Interactive Identification Screen Shot2. Glossary Screen Shot. Species Data Screen Shot. Weed Reference Books Screen Shot. The most comprehensive weed identification reference available for the United States and Canada!

  • An easy to use interactive key
  • Color photos of each of the 1,200 (or more) species
  • Page number references to over 50 of the most commonly used weed reference books
  • County level distribution maps.
  • A fully illustrated glossary of botanical terminology
  • A searchable state/province level geography menu to reduce the database to those species found in your area. To see how many of the weeds occur in your state or province: Click Here..
  • Up-to-date nomenclature and synonymy
  • All of this for only about four cents per species!!!
  • To print the information contained on this DVD would take over 5,000 pages!

View the tutorial for the Weeds database. This will give you an overview of how an XID database functions.

To purchase,  please visit this link:   Buy the Weeds Database be sure to specify if you want to receive your order on DVD or flash-drive.