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1,225 Weeds

of the 48 States & Adjacent Canada

An Interactive Identification Guide


The largest Weed Identification reference ever produced for North America.

System requirements: Windows 95 through Windows 10, 1.6 gigabytes to install (will also run from the USB drive)

  • Gallery – all remaining species can be viewed simultaneously for comparison. The user can determine the number and size of images to be displayed
  • Species List Report – the images, data, and references for all remaining species can be scrolled for comparison
  • Printed Reports – all aspects of the program including species lists, images, menu structure, data etc… are printable
  • Analysis – Provides the user with a dynamic list of the most efficient menus for the identification process based on steps taken thus far, ease of use, and items remaining in the database
  • View Data Set – Shows all of the data for any selected species in the database
  • Show Data Distribution – Shows the relative frequency of characteristics within the database
  • Descriptive Item Text Fields – Author defined help text for each species
  • Item Graphics – color photos are incorporated for each species in the database
  • Context Specific Help Screens – Author defined help text for each characteristic and menu
  • Characteristic Graphics – Photos or line drawings can be incorporated for each characteristic or menu
  • List Unusual Characteristic – Shows the most unusual characteristics of any item (compared to those remaining) in descending order
  • Triggered Pop-Up Taxa – Family, genus, and species are recognized and displayed in scientific databases
  • Sequential User Reinforcement – The user is shown the number of remaining items after each step
  • Directed to Page Numbers in Multiple References of Authors Choice – The author can reference the page number in up to 50 references.

Please take the time to view the YouTube tutorial below to see all the features of the software.  The tutorial is the same for the DVD and flashdrive versions (you just get more species on the flashdrive).

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