Using the Gallery

Species are arranged alphabetically by scientific name.   Common names have been added to most species, and are searchable as well. Since some scientific names have changed (and will continue to do so), recent synonyms have been added to some species and can be found using “Search” .  For example, looking in the alpha listings for Lotus purshianus will yield no results, but a search for Lotus purshianus (or a search for “deer vetch”), will locate the species under its new name: Acmispon americanus.


The gallery contains over 22,000 images of plants in 156 families. Over 99% of these are photos I (about me) have taken over the years. Some species have only one image, others have dozens. There are even a few organisms that are not vascular plants, that I have received questions about for identification. All images are copyrighted and may only be re-used with permission*.  Most images are available for commercial use at a resolution of 1,200 X 1,600 or higher, please call 509 332 2989 or Email Me for rates and details. Most images are of “weeds” and poisonous plants, as that is my particular area of interest, but there are a smattering of “wildflowers” and horticultural plants as well, so don’t leap to any assumptions. If you are interested in plants other than weeds, be sure to check out the interactive, fully illustrated keys by Flora ID Northwest covering all native and naturalized flora in eighteen western states and four Canadian provinces!

Since my particular field of expertise (and the function of the XID software) is plant identification, most photos focus on diagnostic features for ID, rather than any attempt at aesthetically pleasing  photographic qualities.

I welcome all comments, corrections, suggestions, etc. Please Email Me

*There are a few images taken by other photographers that were loaned and are public domain, those images will have the name of the photographer included in the image file name or embedded in the photo. A special thanks to Dr. Joe DiTomaso, author of Weeds of California and Other Western States , an outstanding reference work!