Weed Identification Services

Upon selection or identification of a species, the weed identification database references the page number where the species images/description appear in any of the following weed identification reference books.   The purpose of the program is not to replace your existing reference books, but to make them more easily accessible.   Where ever possible the ISBN number is given to facilitate in finding the book (in case the user wants to add the book to their library).

An Illustrated Guide To Arizona Weeds, 1972 (ISBN 0-8165-0288-9)
Aquatic and Riparian Plants of the West, 2003 (ISBN# 1-879906-59-7)
California Growers Weed Identification Handbook, 1968 – 1998 University of California Publication # 4030-1
Common Weeds of Canada, Mulligan 1987 (ISBN 0-910053-59-9)
Common Weeds of the Canadian Prairies, 1963 (Cat# A53-1136-1)
Common Weeds of the United States, 1971 (ISBN 0-486-20504-5)
Common Weed Seedlings of the North Central States, 2001 North Central Regional Extension Publication # 607
Common Weed Seedlings of the United States and Canada, 1978 Coop Ext. Univ. of Georgia, Athens
Field Guide To The Common Weeds Of Kansas, 1983 (ISBN 0-7006-0233-X)
Fifty Important Weeds of Montana, Montana Ag. Ext. Service, 1920.
Garden Weeds of Southern California, 1981
Gilkey`s Weeds of the Pacific Northwest, 1980 (ISBN 0-88246-039-0)
How to Know the Weeds, 1972, (ISBN# 0-697-04880-2)
Identification Guide to the Weeds of Quebec, 1999 (ISBN# 2-89457-174-7)
Identifying Seedling and Mature Weeds (Southeastern US) 1980 North Carolina Agricultural Research Service, Bulletin #461
Manual of Ohio Weeds, 1931 Ohio Ag. Exp. Station Bull. # 475
Nebraska Weeds, 1979 Nebraska Dept. of Ag., Lincoln NE
Nonnative Invasive Plants of Southern Forests 2003, USFS, SRS 62
Northwest Weeds, 1990 (ISBN 0-87842-249-8)
Ontario Weeds, 1992 Agdex 640, Publication #505
Pennsylvania Field Guide, Common Invasive Plants in Riparian Areas, 2004
Representative Missouri Weeds and Their Control, 1941 Univ. of Missouri Ag. Exp Station Bulletin #433
Selected Weeds of Oregon, 1985 and 1989 Supplement (s) Oregon State Dept. of Agriculture
Some Important Michigan Weeds, 1951 Mich. Ag. Exp. Station Bulletin #304
Some Weedy Plants of North Carolina, 1955 North Carolina Ag. Ext. Circular # 390
South Dakota Weeds, 1967 South Dakota State University
South Dakota Weeds 2002 South Dakota Dept. of Ag. 523 E. Capitol, Foss Bldg. Pierre, South Dakota 57501
S.W.S.S. Weed ID Guide, 1993
Weed Seeds of the Great Plains, 1993 University of Kansas# 92-125-B ISBN# 0-7006-0651-3
Weeds, 1955 (1980) Walter Conrad Muenscher, ISBN# 0-8014-1266-8
Weeds, A Golden Guide, 1972 ISBN#0-307-24353-2
Weeds, 1957 Illinois State Dept. of Ag.
Weeds and Poisonous Plants of Wyoming and Utah 1987 (ISBN 0-941570-06-1)
Weeds of Alberta, 1983 Alberta Environmental Centre Agdex 640-4
Weeds of Arkansas 1981 (MP 169-5M-3-81)
Weeds of California, 1970, State of California Publications and Documents.
Weeds of California and other Western States, 2007 (ISBN 13: 978-1-879906-69-3)
Weeds of Canada, 1970 Canada Dept. of Ag., Pub. # 948
Weeds of Colorado, 1990 Cooperative Extension, Colorado State Univ. Bulletin 521A
Weeds of Crops in Southern Arizona, 1958 Arizona Ag. Exp. Station Bulletin #296
Weeds of Eastern Washington and Adjacent Areas, 1972 (LOC 72-83635)
Weeds of Kentucky and Adjacent States, 1991 (ISBN 0-8131-1743-7)
Weeds of Nebraska and the Great Plains, 1994 (ISBN 0939870-00-4)
Weeds of New Jersey, 1929 New Jersey Ag. Exp. Station Circular #219
Weeds of Nova Scotia, 1986 (ISBN# 0-88871-063)
Weeds of Southern Turfgrasses, 1992 Univ. of Florida, Gainesville Publication # SP-79
Weeds of the North Central States, 1981 Univ. of Illinois, Urbana – Champaign Bulletin # 772
Weeds of the Northeast, 1956, Univ. of Delaware Field Manual #1
Weeds of the Northeast, 1997 Cornell University ISBN# 0-8014-8334-4
Weeds of the Northern United States and Canada, 1964 Montgomery
Weeds of the Northern U.S, and Canada, 1999 Royer and Dickinson, (ISBN# 1-55105-221-0)
Weeds of the Prairies, 2000 Alberta Food and Agriculture ISBN# 0-7732-6147-8
Weeds of the Southern United States, 1975, North Carolina Ag. Extension Circular #599
Weeds of the United States and Their Control, Lorenzi 1987, ISBN# 0-442-25884-4
Weeds of the West, 1992 (ISBN 0941570-13-4)
Weeds of the West, 2000 (ISBN 0941570-13-4)
Weeds of Utah, 1971 UAES Special Report 21
Wildly Successful Plants, A Handbook of North American Weeds, 1977 (ISBN# 0-02-528850-4)